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R&D Outsourcing


Connect your company the state-of-art research

We help you in the full cycle of development, following industries best practices from initial research to productization 

Work with expert teams

We are constantly hiring, training, and managing experts scientists and engineers, so you don't have to 

Seamless team integration

Our clients consider us to be a part of the team, and we feel proud of it. By working integrated  with

existing teams we promote technology transfer from R&D to production

Keep Focused

Your teams already have a lot on their plate, keeping up with latest research results can be overwhelming. Let us handle that for you, with higher efficiency and lower risks

Create Intellectual Property

Make your technology a sustainable differentiator and become more attractive to investors

Third-Party Independency

Reduce your costs and increase your flexibility by using in-house technologies

Our Infrastructure is yours

We have a lab equipped with LIDARs, cameras, robots, drones, and multiple GPU workstations. And we are happy to share that with you 

First Principles

A stage for greenfield research

Goal-oriented Research

Moving from basic principles to practical use

Proof of Principle (PoP) Development

Active R&D is initiated

Systems Development

Sound software engineering

Proof of Concept Development

Demonstration in real scenario

The R&D to product transition

Aplication Development

Robustification of modules, specifically towards one or more use cases


Infrastructure, product platform, data pipes and security protocols


The end of system development


monitoring current version  and improving the next

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